Orange, Ginger & Lemon Sunday Mocktail Recipe

on July 03, 2021

Fresh, colorful and very tasty: today we are going to make a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail with Red Orange sodas and Ginger Ale, perfect to serve as an aperitif at home with friends. The unparalleled flavor of organic Galvanina Blood Orange softens the sourness of the lemon juice and the bitterness of the Ginger ale, giving this mocktail a great and refreshing taste to complement every summer day.

Galvanina moktail orange & lemon

Mocktail with GALVANINA Organic Italian Blood Orange & Lemon Soda:
Preparation: 5 minutes - Cooking: no cooking
Difficulty: Very Easy - Portions: 1 person - Cost: Low



  • Organic Lemon Zest
  • One Red Cherry for Cocktails.

Pour the Galvanina Orange Sparkling Soda, the Galvanina Ginger Ale and the Fresh Lemon Juice into the glass with ice. Stir with a long bar spoon, decorate, and serve.

Cocktails are amongst the most popular drinks around today. Non-alcoholic cocktails, also called Mocktails, are nothing more than a proportionate and balanced blend of different non-alcoholic ingredients and flavors.

Mocktails can be of four types: pre dinner, after dinner, long drink and any time. The first are served as aperitifs to stimulate the appetite. After dinner is served to replace or accompany a dessert.
The long drinks like the Galvanina Orange Sunday Mocktail are usually characterized by the presence of fruit juices and carbonated drinks and juices. Any time mocktails can be served at any time, so why not add them to your list of summer drinks! Keep following us to find out more popular and delicious cocktails recipes.


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