Healty Italian Food & Blue Zone

Healthy Italian Food & Blue Zone: The Secret of Longevity is Also in What We Eat

To live well and for a long time it is necessary to keep in mind this checklist: good food (fresh and vegetable foods), less stress (for example through yoga and meditation), more movement (even just walking)...
on July 26, 2021
Six Reasons Eating Italian Food is Good for Your Health

Six Reasons Eating Italian Food is Good for Your Health

For many, Italian cuisine can be summed up with two words: pasta & pizza. Carb-heavy, covered in cheese, these two culinary delights are probably the last thing on your mind when you’re searching for healthy...
on July 08, 2021
Pasta Based Dishes

Ideas for Simple and Tasty Pasta Based Dishes

  Italians are famous all over the world for being great pasta lovers. From North to South, putting a plate of pasta on the table means satisfying everyone's tastes, because with a few simple ingredients...
on March 30, 2021
Italian Easter Sweets

Typical Italian Easter Sweets: a Journey through Italian Sweetness

In Italy Easter wouldn't be the same without all the traditional sweets that characterize it. In this article, therefore, we have decided to offer you a brief overview of the traditional regional sweets in Italy...
on March 19, 2021


Discover authentic Italian recipes and time-tested tips straight from the heart of Italy that help keep the flavor of the past alive!


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