Jarred Vegetables

SAN GIULIANO Roasted Artichokes in EVOO - 320g (11.28oz)


CENTO Lupini Beans - 227g (8oz)


LA CERIGNOLA Round Baby Peppers Stuffed with Tuna - 580g (19.40oz)


TUTTO CALABRIA Crushed Calabrian Hot Chili Peppers - 285g (10oz)


LA CERIGNOLA Seasoned Grilled Eggplant - 580g (19.40oz)


CAMPO D’ORO Eggplant Caponata - 180g (6.3oz)


LA CERIGNOLA Green Cerignola Olives in Brine - 580g (19.40oz)


LA CERIGNOLA Bomba Pugliese - 314g (10.23oz)


LA CERIGNOLA Rich Appetizer (Mixed Vegetables) - 580g (19.40oz)


LA CERIGNOLA Marinated Garlic - 580g (19.40oz)


LA CERIGNOLA Champignon Mushrooms - 580g (19.40oz)


CINQUINA Oven Baked Olives - 320g (11.3oz)


SAN GIULIANO Roasted Sun Dried Tomatoes in EVOO - 320g (11.28oz)


SAN GIULIANO Roasted Peppers in EVOO - 320g (11.28oz)


LA CERIGNOLA Semi-dried Cherry Tomatoes - 580g (19.40oz)


LA CERIGNOLA Lampascioni of Puglia - 580g (19.40oz)


Buy the best Imported Italian Jarred vegetables on Pinocchio's Pantry

Like most preserves, even pickles are born out of the need to make the most of all the fruits of the earth and not waste the precious summer ingredients. Not only that: in the past, when agricultural techniques were much less than today, frosts, hailstorms and sudden atmospheric phenomena often ruined crops, leaving families without food. The pickles were therefore the stocks for the winter, the stocks to be kept carefully to cope with the colder months. Preserves in oil were born several centuries ago and still survive in the homes of Italians. But what's the secret? Certainly their goodness but also that sense of tradition that still unites the families who prepare them. Eggplants in oil - and preserves in general - are a must in our pantries, where they can stay all year round. They accompany slices of bread, cold cuts, cheeses and become tasty side dishes.

The conservation in olive oil
The olive oil preservation technique is one of the oldest: the Romans already knew many of the properties of the product, including its ability to preserve food. In this way, the ingredients are isolated from air contact and the proliferation of aerobic bacteria is inhibited.


Sundried Tomatoes in olive oil
Dried tomatoes enrich your dishes with their intense and appetizing taste and, thanks to their nutritional properties, they take care of your health and beauty. As in the fresh version, they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, the dehydration process eliminates the water, but allows the tomatoes to be preserved for a long time without losing their flavor, indeed making it even more decisive. Dried tomatoes are excellent to be consumed in the preparation of appetizers, or to add as a condiment to first courses. Very versatile, they can be purchased online or made at home. Our dried tomatoes are prepared in Italy in the summer, when the tomato is in season and the great heat helps to dry it naturally. In southern Italy, tradition has it that the tomato, at the peak of its maturation, is divided in two, salted on the surface and left to dry in the sun for a few days. Once dehydrated, it is then placed in the classic jars for pickling.

Grilled Eggplants in Oil
Eggplants in oil are one of the typical preserves of Italian cuisine. The history of eggplants in oil is very curious. They were born in ancient times and represent a traditional peasant dish, which is usually prepared at the beginning of autumn, or end of September, when it is still eggplant season. This dish, a symbol of a real collective ritual, still drives everyone crazy at the table. It should be noted that many foods can be preserved, but in Naples, the so-called "mulignane buccacciello" is a real must. This preserve is prepared in different variations in many areas of Southern Italy, that is raw or cooked, with or without chili and again with or without oregano.

Jarred Olives
From north to south, there are so many varieties of olives in Italy. Some types are only suitable for making olive oil, while others are more suitable for the table. Then there are varieties that are good for both uses. Usually the sweeter ones can be enjoyed plain, in brine or seasoned with oil and chili. Large, round or oval olives are also used for pressing and making extra virgin olive oil. Let's see the types in detail. One of the most famous olives of our country is undoubtedly the Bella of Cerignola Variety which is widespread in Puglia. Its very ancient origins even date back to the period of ancient Rome, although the processing method seems to come from the Iberian peninsula, hence the nickname Oliva di Spagna. Thanks to the migratory phenomenon of the past, this olive has become one of the most famous abroad, especially in the United States. In 2000, it obtained European registration as "La Bella della Daunia PDO". There are two varieties: the green ones, large and with a crunchy pulp, and the black ones which are smaller. In both cases the flavor remains delicate. Try using them to prepare focaccia or a fish-based dish.

Peppers stuffed with tuna

Stuffed peppers with tuna cream: perhaps one of the most classic versions of this type of preserve. Excellent round chillies are perfect for stuffing, the flavor given by the tuna, capers and anchovies make it rich and tasty! The hot peppers stuffed with tuna, anchovies and capers are a specialty of the south that can hardly be resisted. They make perfect snacks all year round, ready to be consumed at any occasion. Stuffed peppers are a typical delicacy of the regions of Southern Italy that have conquered gourmets from all over the world. The spicy note of chili goes perfectly with the soft heart of tuna, capers and anchovies. The result is a delight for the palate to be enjoyed as a delicious appetizer, as an aperitif or as a side dish. They also are perfect with cheeses.

Artichokes in oil a Traditional Italian Recipe
In Italy the passion for these preparations of peasant origin has been with us for generations. To prepare artichokes in oil you have to select the smallest and most tender ones. First, the vegetables are cleaned by removing the hardest outer leaves and stems. After that the artichokes are cooked for a few minutes (3 or 4), then drained and left to cool down upside down on a cloth. Finally, they are placed in sterilized jars, covered with extra virgin olive oil, and finished with a pinch of salt. The jars are then sealed and placed in the pantry, away from direct sunlight. Artichokes in oil are delicious on their own, of course, but they can become truly irresistible when paired with Parma ham, Italian cheese or a good cooked ham. They can become a delicious side dish, or the main ingredient of a gourmet salad: even for an irresistible bruschetta! Have you ever tried them on a good homemade pizza? Thinly sliced ​​and added to simple bresaola, ricotta and chives rolls, they are simply delicious. The versatility of artichokes in oil is really great: let your imagination guide you to create tasty and genuine dishes.


Here on Pinoccchio's Pantry you can find all the typical jarred vegetables of the Italian tradition imported directly from our country. All the producers of jarred vegetables in oil are selected directly by us to guarantee the highest quality and original Italian products to all our customers in the United States.

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