CAMPO D’ORO Pistachio Butter - 180g (6.3oz)


PAVESI Gocciole Chocolate Chips Cookies - 500g (17.5oz)


MULINO BIANCO Tarallucci Cookies - 350g (12.35oz)


MULINO BIANCO Abbracci Cookies - 350g (12.3oz)


BELLI CANTUCCINI Almond Biscotti - 250g (8.8oz)


DI IORIO Candied Orange Peels Coated in Dark Chocolate - 100g (3.53oz)


MULINO BIANCO Chicche Cacao Cookies - 200g (7.05oz)


AGRISICILIA Organic White Fig Jam - 360g (12.7oz)


CIANCIULLO Lemon Cream Panzerotti - 200g (7.05oz)


PAVESI Pavesini Classic Cookies - 200g (7oz)


CIANCIULLO Chocolate Hazelnut Panzerotti - 200g (7.05oz)


PLASMON Biscotti Baby Cookies - 320g (11.3oz)


BONOMI Amaretti Cookies - 200g (7oz)


Tronky FERRERO - 1 bar


BONOMI Sfogliatine Zuccherate (Italian Sugar-Coated Puff Pastry) - 200g (7oz)


AGRISICILIA Organic Bergamot Marmalade - 360g (12.7oz)


Italian sweet snacks: all the best sweets in our online store

Among the sweet Italian snacks there is a wide choice of products including spreads, wafers, chocolates and biscuits.
Today we are talking about all the best products in our shop, in the category of Italian sweet snacks.
Are you ready to discover them with us? On this page you can find the best Italian sweet snacks with many delicious choices to share with everyone.
Here at Pinocchio's pantry we have selected the best and most famous Italian brands which will amaze consumers and offer you tasty products made with quality ingredients.

The most famous brands of sweets in Italy are undoubtedly Ferrero and Barilla which, with their respective brands Kinder and Mulino Bianco, have created high quality sweet snacks.


Ferrero is probably the most famous Italian sweet brand in the world especially for chocolate and snacks: the Kinder chocolate line is certainly the best-selling in Italy as well as Nutella which is the most famous spreadable chocolate sold all over the world.

Mulino Bianco, on the other hand, is more specialized in baked desserts such as

cookies and cakes. They are among the most famous desserts that Italians love to consume during breakfast which, unlike in the United States, is usually made up of a cappuccino and sweet foods.

All the sweet snacks of Mulino Bianco are free of palm oil, coloring additives, GMO ingredients and hydrogenated fats.

Kinder & Ferrero Sweets

Among the desserts that you can find on Pinocchio's Pantry are cake snacks and Kinder & Ferrero chocolates.

Here are some of the most famous:
  • Fiesta, a favorite of Italians consisting of soft sponge cake, a delicate orange aroma and a delicious cocoa glaze.

  • Ferrero BRIOSS, has all the simplicity of a sponge cake made with wheat flour and ground oat and barley flakes and the natural goodness of fruit jam.

  • Kinder Délice, with its delicious cocoa coating, the two soft sponge cakes and the creamy milk filling, makes the snack the most awaited moment of the day.

  • Kinder Colazione Più is made with five different cereals and a pinch of cocoa for a sweet with a unique taste that the whole family likes.

  • Kinder Brioss expertly combines a soft sponge cake, naturally leavened, with a very good rich milk filling.
On Pinocchio's pantry you can find a wide selection of Kinder and Ferrero chocolates:

  • Thanks to its recipe with a soft milk heart, Kinder Chocolate bars satisfy all the sweet cravings of children and at the same time reassures parents, as it is prepared without coloring additives and without hydrogenated fats. Each bar of Kinder Chocolate is also presented individually wrapped in practical individual portions.

  • Kinder Bueno is a snack with an unmistakable taste experience because it combines the creaminess of the hazelnut filling with the crispness of a thin wafer sheet; all covered with a delicious veil of unmistakable Kinder chocolate finely decorated with dark chocolate. It also comes in practical individual portions: each bar is individually wrapped.

  • Kinder Cereali is a snack with a unique taste that combines the delicacy of Kinder chocolate with the simplicity of cereals. A tasty bar of chocolate that contains, in a soft milk filling, the crunchiness of 5 cereals (barley, rice, wheat, spelled and buckwheat) simply blown and toasted, to be savored with every bite.

  • Kinder Cards is a very thin cookie, but at the first bite you will discover an unexpected creamy milk and cocoa filling, for a surprising and tasty experience. Its cocoa waffle is a Kinder innovation: it is crunchy and does not melt, so you can always take Kinder Cards with you.

  • Busy days? A thousand things to do? At any time of the day and wherever you are, there always comes a time when we need to recharge ourselves with Pocket Coffee, real 100% Arabica liquid coffee in a shell of the finest chocolate. Pocket Coffee contains a unique blend of Arabica coffee, carefully selected from the best varieties in the world.

  • Let yourself be amazed by Mon Chéri, the crunch of dark chocolate, the warmth of liqueur and the sweetness of cherry. Mon Chéri is one emotion after another and to understand it you have to try it.

  • Tronky is extremely crunchy outside and very soft inside. Tronky is a hazelnut masterpiece and a cocoa work of art, encased in a crunchy and delicate wafer.

  • Duplo is the chocolate bar that gives you three pleasures in one: the crunchiness of a very fine wafer, a soft creamy cocoa filling and a precious whole hazelnut. Ferrero Duplo is a sequence of inimitable sensations for a pleasure to be discovered.

Mulino Bianco Sweets

The sweets of Mulino Bianco are also among the most popular in Italy, here is the selection of the best ones that we have chosen for you:


  • Baiocchi, cookies filled with hazelnut and cocoa cream, are made with two fragrant shortbread biscuits with an unmistakable shape that contain a soft filling that we prepare daily with 100% Italian hazelnuts and cocoa. They are the ideal cookies for a delicious snack break.

  • Macine are shortbread cookies with fresh cream prepared only with simple ingredients including good fresh Italian milk to offer you a fuller and more rounded taste. Excellent on their own and also perfect for those who love the classic ritual of the steaming cup of milk with good shortbread cookies.

  • Tarallucci are shortbread cookies prepared with fresh eggs coming only from free-range hens. Shortbread cookies of simple fragrant and light shortcrust pastry will help you to start the day in the best possible way with the unique taste of authentic and timeless treats.

  • Abbracci are shortbread biscuits with cocoa and fresh cream, born from the union of an exquisite and delicate cream shortcrust pastry, made only with fresh Italian milk, and the unmistakable delicacy of a cocoa pastry. The unique pleasure of two cookies together.

  • Galletti are shortbread biscuits with high quality fresh milk. They have such a simple taste because, thanks to the new recipe, they combine the lightness of a thin shortcrust pastry with 100% Italian fresh milk. With their mild flavor, they melt gently in the mouth.

  • Rigoli are shortbread biscuits with 100% Italian honey, excellent for dipping in milk or tea, but also to be enjoyed alone. The sweet and delicate 100% Italian Millefiori Honey of the Rigoli derives from the nectar of different species of flowers that bees select during the spring and summer blooms.

  • Settembrini are shortbread biscuits with figs and fig jam. Made with carefully selected figs and harvested only once they have reached full ripeness, they give life to a soft filling, which enhances its aroma enclosed in a delicate shortcrust pastry. They are shortbread biscuits with a soft heart.

  • The PlumCake from Mulino Bianco is particularly soft, thanks to the use of yogurt made only with 100% Italian milk, carefully selected and checked to guarantee the best quality. It is individually packaged to keep its fragrance intact. We also recommend trying the ones with chocolate chips.

  • Cuor di Mela are shortbread biscuits with apple jam, made with fragrant shortcrust pastry filled with 100% Italian apple jam enriched with diced apples harvested exclusively in Emilia Romagna. A shortbread with a soft and fragrant heart.

  • Nascondini are chocolate biscuits that surprise for their double consistency: a crumbly pastry born for soaking, which hides a chocolate to bite into, made thanks to an exclusive manufacturing process that makes it irresistibly crunchy and delicious.

  • Chicche are pastry biscuits filled with cocoa cream. A soft heart of velvety cocoa cream enclosed in a fragrant shortcrust pastry makes for an irresistible cookie. Pannocchie are shortbread biscuits with flour and corn flakes.

  • Pannocchie give you all the pleasure and light crunchiness of corn flakes and corn flour, with a new special recipe. Sun-golden cookies now expertly prepared with less sugar and even more corn flakes. Good and fragrant to munch on every day: you will never tire of their goodness.

  • Spicchi di Sole are biscuits with a fragrant shortcrust pastry sweetened by a curl of butter and golden on the surface.

  • Batticuori are shortbread biscuits with cocoa, fresh pasteurized milk and dark chocolate. The inimitable taste of Batticuori is born from the combination of cocoa and dark chocolate. Their heart-shaped crumbly pastry makes them perfect for dunking.

  • Girotondi are shortbread biscuits with brown sugar grains. The light and crunchy taste of Girotondi, softened on the surface by the amber brown sugar in large crystals, offers you a simple and delicate biscuit.

  • Campagnole are shortbread biscuits made with rice flour. As good as home-made, also great in taste, the Campagnole are prepared only with quality ingredients, selected and harmonized with experience. Fresh milk from Italian dairies only and rice flour obtained by grinding exclusively the grains of the japonica species.

  • Flauti are naturally leavened cakes with High Quality Italian fresh milk cream (39.6%). Flauti al Latte are born from the meeting of a soft naturally leavened dough, with a delicious milk cream filling. Prepared with mother yeast, genuine ingredients and always without preservative and coloring additives, for a quality snack. Perfect for a good and simple snack. Also try the variant filled with chocolate cream.

  • Gemme are shortbread biscuits with apricot jam. A sweet 100% Italian apricot jam with a tender and juicy pulp, is preserved in a flower of delicate shortcrust pastry. A special recipe for a moment of refined pleasure.

  • Nastrine are soft brioches of naturally leavened puff pastry, even more fragrant if heated in the oven. Nastrine are simple and tasty, with a delicate touch of orange.

  • Ritornelli are shortbread biscuits with cocoa and almonds. The delicacy of the almonds is combined with a crunchy biscuit grain and the intense taste of cocoa, giving life to the unique aroma and flavor of Ritornelli.


Among the other sweet products in our online shop there are also Pavesi biscuits such as Ringo and Pavesini (ideal for preparing tiramisu), Savoiardi ladyfingers cookies, Gastone Lago cakes in many different flavors, and typical Cianciullo sweets, all tasty and wholesome. Buy the typical Italian sweet snacks now on Pinocchio's Pantry and delight your palate with the best specialties of the Italian confectionery tradition.

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