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finally a salame from home!

Salame Rustico is very good indeed.
I was born and raised in Milano, so I know something about it!


I went to Italy the first time this summer, 2022. I met a woman there who was traveling with her diabetic grandson and they told me about Cipsters. I tried a few from his box and was completely hooked! They are so good, but not as salty as the chips from the USA. I choose these before any potato chip that I had eaten in the past. You will not be disappointed!!


These cookies are awesome; they're not too sweet and they go very well with coffee, a glass of milk, or a little gelato.

Aside from that, Vincenzo offers excellent customer service and we will be repeat customers for a long time to come.

Perfect Crunch!!

These little crunchy breads are just how I remember them when I was in Naples, Italy! The perfect portions come wrapped with finesse and none were broken during shipping. I’m very impressed. These are so simple and quick to use that I must have them at all times in my pantry. The toppings are endless!

Best Lemon Drops

Love these lemon drops. Discovered them in a little shop in Positano. They have a nice surprise of lemon juice in the center. I was so happy to find them on line.

Top Notch Olives

These Cerignola olives are truly outstanding! The brine is perfecto! These olives are meaty and satisfying although you can't just have one!!! I love truly enjoy these and give a jar out as hostess gifts!

We Love These Chips!

We tried others when yours were out of stock but nothing comes close. The flavor is just right.

Best lemon drops

These are the best lemon drops you have ever tasted. We found them while on a cruise to Italy. It is a pleasant reminder of Sorrento, the lemon capital of the world.

Best cookies!!!!

We bought these cookies not knowing what to expect. They are amazing!!!! Everyone in the family is obsessed. I highly recommend them! You won’t be disappointed.

Outstanding Panettoni!

I opened this to the most aromatic and fresh and buttery colomba - I could even smell the cherries. So yummy - I ordered two more!

Easter Cake

Absolutely the most delicious Easter Cake I’ve ever
tasted—and believe me, being Italian and the age I am, I’ve tasted a few. Beautifully presented in a box that I’m packing some Easter decorations in.Can’t wait for next Easter as I will order some as gifts too. So glad to have discovered this baker.
Good job Pinocchio!


Even if it brings me back to. my childhood.... it is too expensive. ANd it is the smallest of boxes. But good to the last "drop". Love it with white onion and tomatoes and radicchio.


Worthy of the $$$.


I love the tea but having a max of only 4 is not enough.

Beef in a Can

Wasn’t sure what to expect, had a nice taste, almost like brisket, I was expecting more flavor though but it was good.


This stuff was amazing, the heat creeps up on you slowly and the flavor is very complex.

Diabetics beware.

The carb count changed from last yrs order. It went from 2 net carbs per 1/2 cup to 6 net carbs per 1/2 cup. They add up cquick. I love the sauce just bummed I paid so much for sauce with same carbs as store brands.

Artichoke Heaven

If you like artichokes, this spread is for you! Pure artichoke flavor. No garlic or anything else. I enjoy it on slices of crusty sourdough baguette (and straight out of the jar, if I’m honest). Also, with white truffle pate. I’m going to use it at Easter for Eggs Sardou. Artichoke heaven all the way around. Indulge yourself! You will be glad you did.

Great Nduja

I used this in penne with nduja and olives and the taste of the nduja was fantastic! I bought nduja before but it never tasted like this one.

Very tasty

I made this pasta with cream white sauce and it was very good. The taste of this pasta was so unique. I will buy it again!

Best Nduja

This is the best nduja I have ever had in USA. Thank you Pinocchio's Pantry for you service. I will definitely but from here again.


I'm from Chicago and these are so hard to find.

Glad I found you online.

Thanks, Peter

Cianciullo traditional mostaccioli

We haven’t had the mostaccioli since I brought them back from Italy. Surprised the family and they did not last long. Decided to purchase more and share with friends.

Cupoloni almond sweets

Excellent product. Product very fresh and I highly recommend it.


Was delivered discolored , almost lite pink , didn’t taste right. Left a message but nobody ever contacted me!

Ciao Filippo. We are so sorry about this. We have tried several times to reach you by phone and email unsuccessfully. Our main priority is customer satisfaction, and we would love the opportunity to make this up to you. Please feel free to contact us any time.

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