Ideas for Simple and Tasty Pasta Based Dishes

on March 30, 2021


Italians are famous all over the world for being great pasta lovers. From North to South, putting a plate of pasta on the table means satisfying everyone's tastes, because with a few simple ingredients you can always make original and tasty dishes. Whether it's for an important lunch or a last-minute dinner, in any season of the year there is always a quick and delicious recipe to bring to the table. The options are truly limitless: you can try the regional classics of our cuisine, such as a tasty Genoese pesto or an exquisite cacio e pepe, or experiment with new combinations based on meat, fish, vegetables or cheeses. For each of these recipes choose between penne, fusilli or spaghetti, but don't forget that you can always make a good fresh pasta right at your home. A simple course like a first course of pasta can turn into an irresistible dish with a little imagination: take inspiration from Pinocchio's favorite recipes.



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