The Tradition of Biscottificio Cianciullo: Italian biscuits, pastries and taralli

on June 23, 2022

Biscottificio Cianciullo, is one of the Italian food brands that we are most proud to represent in the US. Cianciullo is a company born in Jelsi, a small town in Molise famous for the traditional Festa del Grano - Wheat festival -which is celebrated each year on the 26th of July.

Molise is a small region in the south of Italy that came to be famous as the region that “doesn’t exist”. But if you know Cianciullo, you must know also Molise and how good the food is here!

Family, tradition, passion, and respect for the work of time. Taste the history of Cianciullo’s Italian biscuits. The genuineness of homemade cookies reflects the commitment to the quality, respect of the territory, and its natural ingredients.

It was Pasquale Cianciullo who believed in his village and founded the company here in 1967. Today the company is managed by Francesco Cianciullo, son of Pasquale and it is famous all around the world.

Whether you are planning to visit Molise or you are just curious to try out some of the food for which this region is particularly appreciated, in our shop you can find an ample selection of Cianciullo’s delicacies.

The offered range grew with the years and today about 100 different delicious treats are produced here: from classic Taralli and Tarallini to sweet Panzerotti, from delicious cookies to soft brioches.

Here some delicious products of Cianciullo’s Traditions!


White Wine Cookies are tasty and round biscuits, made with white wine, and covered with sugar. Simple but very delicious!


"Sottili della Nonna" are the classic and fragrant salted taralli with the addition of fennel, a natural ingredient that gives the dough a unique aroma and scent. This Taralli have an ancient taste that is impossible to resist and are artisanally produced by caring hands like those of grandma!



The "Sfogliatine" are mini puff pastries with a delicate apricot and cherry flavor jam from selected fruits; the inviting external gilding, enriched with grains of sugar, makes the puff pastry beautiful to see and delicious to taste. A fragrant proposal to vary your snack or breakfast.



"Wildberry Panzerotti" are shortbread crescents, a golden biscuit with a creamy heart of wildberry jam. A treat that encompasses the flavor of tradition, made by the hands of expert bakers with selected raw materials. The authentic taste of the fragrant pastry is enriched by the decisive flavor of wildberry jam. So much goodness enclosed in an appetizing bite, a real temptation for the palate, ideal for a healthy snack or to celebrate special occasions.

Try these and much more products of Cianciullo's Traditions for a real taste of Italy!

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by Patricia Moisio on May 22, 2024

I am going to Jelsi Italy in October, 2024. My grandmother was from Jelsi and her maiden name was Cianciullo. Her first name was Rosaria. She married Pasquale Mastrolillo. I would love to know of other Cianciullo or Mastrolillo families.


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