Guanciale (Cured Jowl)
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    Guanciale (Cured Jowl) - 700g (1.55lb)

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      Transform your dishes with the inclusion of our Guanciale Terra di Siena.

      This authentic Italian cured pork jowl has been aged for 90 days and marinated with spices, garlic, sea salt and pepper for a sublime cut of guanciale.

      The robust flavour of this cured jowl means a little goes a long way so your cut can be used in various classic Italian dishes. It is best known for its inclusion in pasta sauces, such as carbonara, gricia and amatriciana.

      Disclaimer: please note that all items come pre-packaged. The weight may vary slightly on each piece.

      Brand: TERRE DI SIENA
      Net Weight: 770g (1.7lb)
      Origin: Product of Virginia using Old Italian Traditions
      ATTENTION: We recommend selecting UPS Next Day Air® or USPS Priority Mail Express shipping for this product as it is considered a perishable food. While perishables are insulated, shipping perishable items by ground to warm-weather locations will be at your own risk.

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