How to Make an Authentic Italian Antipasto Platter at Home

on April 08, 2021
The Antipasto all'Italiana (Italian style Apetizers) is an Italian tradition dating back to the 16th century of a selection of appetizers to awaken the senses and the perfect way to start a meal—especially one focused on Italian cuisine.


Abundant with delicious, traditional foods such as cheese, cured meats, and Italian extra virgin olive oil, this appetizer awakens the senses, preparing them for the many courses to follow. Today, that beloved tradition is embraced by food lovers around the world who have been inspired to create their own antipasto boards, featuring authentic Italian ingredients. Finding the perfect balance of salumi, bread and vegetables (jarred or fresh) and cheese for your “antipasto platter” is easy — especially when you start with authentic, made-in-Italy ingredients. There are three general rules of thumb when it comes to selecting the types of ingredients for your antipasto platter. One is that opposites attract — both in taste and texture.

The contrast amplifies the simple tastes of each ingredient in different ways. For example, a drizzle of honey on a slice of crostini intensifies the sweetness of the bread while a drizzle of Italian extra virgin olive oil makes the texture more complex.
A well-balanced platter should include all flavour profiles: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Another guide is what grows together, goes together.
Every region in Italy has a unique microclimate, its own kind of rich soil and its own techniques when it comes to producing food.
When you buy authentic made-in-Italy ingredients, you can quite literally taste the traditions of Italian cuisine.
To build your antipasto platter, first select a variety of meats and cheeses with different textures and flavors: perhaps some typical italian cheese, like hard Pecorino Romano, alongside nutty Prosciutto Crudo , Spicy Salame, and creamy Mortadella, with or without pistachio.
Don't forget also to add fresh seasonal salads and jarred vegetables like artichoke hearts and piquillo peppers.
And it’s always a good idea to put also some olives on the board.
Make sure you have plenty of olive oil to dip crostini and other savory snacks. A
Don’t be afraid to experiment a little: add some honey and some balsamic vinegar glaze to your cheese board.

Antipasto is a great way to use what you’ve already got in the pantry. Naturally, you’ll want to enjoy the antipasto with some fine Italian wines.
Antipasto all'Italiana it's perfect as a snack, or as a part of a meal. Because using delicious and authentic italian ingredients, antipasto provides a true taste of Italian finest food.

Find Below the Best Food for an Italian Antipasto Board



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