How to make Sicilian Cannoli at home

on May 15, 2021

The essence of Sicily wrapped in a single pastry!
Sicilian cannoli are the essence of Sicily, the pride of this beautiful island together with cassata, irises, and almond pastries. Like all regional recipes, there are secrets and versions of Sicilian cannoli that change from city to city or family to family: some people choose to add cocoa and Marsala wine to the dough, just as we did. Others use a shell flavoring of coffee or cinnamon!

The ricotta cream, on the other hand, is almost always enriched with chocolate bits and the finished cannoli are often garnished with pistachios, chocolate chips or candied fruit.
In this quick recipe you can prepare Sicilian Cannoli filling for the special Ferrara Cannoli Shells

For the filling:
Sheep's milk ricotta cheese 2 ¼ lb (1kg)
Sugar ⅔ cup (130g)
Dark chocolate chips ½ cup (80g)
For Garnishing:
Candied cherries to taste
Powdered sugar to taste
Ground pistachio to taste
Candied orange to taste

Sieve the ricotta into a bowl (drained for at least 1 night in the fridge), pour in the sugar and work the mixture with a spatula.

Transfer into a piping bad and use it to fill the cannoli.

If you like, garnish with pistachio nuts, candied orange peel or cherries and sprinkle with powdered sugar before serving your cannoli

We recommend cannoli put together at the last moment. The cream can be stored in the fridge for a couple of days.

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by Anita Caracci on April 02, 2023

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