Typical Italian Easter Sweets: a Journey through Italian Sweetness

on March 19, 2021

In Italy Easter wouldn't be the same without all the traditional sweets that characterize it. In this article, therefore, we have decided to offer you a brief overview of the traditional regional sweets in Italy that, despite the passage of time, continue to occupy the Easter Sunday tables from north to south.
And where could we start our list if not with the Easter dove cake?
The Easter dove is the most popular Easter cake in Italy, it can be found in all Italian pastry shops, in numerous variations like our special Pistachio Cream Colomba Cake.

The classic Dove Easter Cake one, on the other hand, was conceived in the early 1900s with the intention of exploiting the machinery and the dough used for the panettone at different times of the year. Only after the first world war some bakeries in Italy took up this original recipe and started a regular production for Easter.

Chocolate eggs in Italy are another symbol of Easter festivities.
Today, chocolate Easter eggs are one of the most popular Easter goodies. Alongside the traditional ones, many special and innovative ones have been created: one better than the other, like our DI IORIO Milk Chocolate Egg with Chopped Hazelnuts . 

Pastiera Napoletana. A very ancient and delicious recipe from Naples and the Campania Region: replicated throughout Italy, the pastiera is one of the best known Easter sweets. The recipes are modified in each family, to create this delicious sweet ricotta tart. The base is of shortcrust pastry (often mixed with lard); ricotta (sheep and cow can be mixed) is flavored with Cooked Wheat, candied citron rind, orange blossom water, sometimes sweet pumpkin preserves; the aromatic richness can be further ennobled with cinnamon, orange peel, lemon, vanilla. You can find 2 of the fundamental ingredients to make Neapolitan Pastiera in Pinocchio's online store: 

1. Grano Cotto Pre-cooked wheat grains are the key ingredient of Pastiera Napoletana.
2. Fior d'Arancio Flavoring for Pastiera its intense orange flavor, is another essential ingredient to enhance the flavors of Neapolitan pastiera with an intense Orange flavor.

Please check us back soon for the real pastiera napoletana recipe. You will find the recipe in Pinocchio's Pantry Recipes Blog.  Happy Easter!


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