Mulino Bianco

MULINO BIANCO Macine Cookies - 350g (12.3oz)


MULINO BIANCO Tarallucci Cookies - 350g (12.35oz)


MULINO BIANCO Abbracci Cookies - 350g (12.3oz)


MULINO BIANCO Cuor di Mela Cookies - 250g (8.8oz)


MULINO BIANCO Chicche Cacao Cookies - 200g (7.05oz)


MULINO BIANCO Fette Biscottate Dorate - 315g (11oz)


MULINO BIANCO Spicchi di Sole Cookies - 400g (14.11oz)


MULINO BIANCO Nascondini Cookies - 330g (11.64oz)


MULINO BIANCO Batticuori Cookies - 350g (12.3oz)


MULINO BIANCO Baiocchi Chocolate Cookies - 200g (7.05oz)


MULINO BIANCO Galletti Cookies - 180g (6.34oz)


MULINO BIANCO Pan di Stelle Cookies - 350g (12.3oz)


MULINO BIANCO Baiocchi Chocolate Cookies - 260g (9.16oz)


MULINO BIANCO Galletti Cookies - 350g (12.3oz)


MULINO BIANCO Settembrini Cookies - 300g (10.58oz)


MULINO BIANCO Rigoli Cookies - 400g (14.11oz)


Buy the Best Mulino Bianco Cookies and Sweet Snacks on Pinocchio's Pantry

On this page of our site you can find one of the best selections of Mulino Bianco products in the United States.
We import the best Mulino Bianco cookies and other sweet snacks directly from Italy to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase high quality food from the historic Italian brand which is among the most popular in the world.
Mulino Bianco (White Mill) is a brand of bakery products, snacks and cookies owned by Barilla. The brand was introduced to the market in 1975, and it is nowadays the best- selling brand of bakery products in Italy. The Mulino Bianco brand was created to distinguish the production of Barilla, historically linked to pasta.

Mulino Bianco History

Mulino Bianco historical products include the tegolino and the saccottino. Over the years some gifts have been included in the packaging of some Mulino Bianco products, mainly toys in small packs, contained inside "drawer" openable boxes.
Seven hundred of these objects are exhibited at the Barilla Historical Museum.

On January 1, 1971 Barilla became American. Gianni (1917-2004) and Pietro Barilla (1913-1993) handed over the helm of the family business, the historic pasta factory built in 1877, to the American multinational Grace.
These were economically and socially difficult years for Italy. To cope with this major crisis, Grace asked Barilla management to identify new areas of activity to diversify production. Gianni Maestri became the coordinator of this operation.
The bakery products market was then identified as a new field of action: a line of cookies, bread substitutes and snacks that were qualitatively appreciable and competitive in price, the result of Barilla's centuries-old experience in the processing of cereals. This is what the company needed, engaged in the search for a serious alternative to pasta, then mortified by the increase in the cost of raw materials and the simultaneous imposition of state control on the selling price. This is how the first Barilla branded bakery products were born in 1974.

It was October 1975 when, after years of experimentation, the first packs of Mulino Bianco brand cookies made their appearance in the stores and it was immediately a success. In short, Mulino Bianco achieved market leadership in the bakery sector in Italy and turnover in the bakery sector continues to rise.
In 1979 the factory, sold to the American company Grace in 1971, was bought back by Barilla and the Mulino Bianco brand returned to full control of the Italian Company.

The Invention of Mulino Bianco Cookies

The flavor of the first Mulino Bianco cookies is due to the experience of the skilled English biscuit maker George Maxwell, a true master pastry chef engaged for months on the experimental line, secretly prepared in an area of the pasta factory, to elaborate dozens of recipes with strictly natural ingredients and without any type of additive or preservative, inspired by the English tradition.
In an era in which industrial biscuits all resemble buttons, the idea of inserting symbolic iconography in product design was a real revolution and the decision to prepare particular and irregular shapes with customized designs proved to be a winner. Hundreds of hypotheses were advanced, from rustic, to country, and in the end 73 different formats were recorded. In 1975, after months of research and experimentation, the first five cookies of the new Mulino Bianco brand line were developed: I GALLETTI, I TARALLUCCI, I MOLINETTI, LE CAMPAGNOLE and LE PALE.
The names of the new products, drawn from an ancient vocabulary, evoke past times and peasant atmospheres and soon became successful names destined to lead, still undefeated today, the sales rankings of Mulino Bianco biscuits.

Curiosity around Mulino Bianco

By appropriately combining the name identified by the company with the various historical, psychological and graphic elements collected in months of research, the Gio 'Rossi graphic design studio made the first lay-outs of the Mulino Bianco brand. The definitive version comes from the hand of Cesare Trolli, designer and chromolithographer of the biscuit packs, who masterfully took up the Art Nouveau graphic style. The history of the blades of the Mulino Bianco began to run in 1975.
The mill is materialized in the commercials and on the product packaging. Today everyone knows the confectionery products of Mulino Bianco, the Italian brand of the famous biscuits and snacks, but few people know that the iconic Mill really exists. The mill lent to the commercials and the Mulino Bianco brand is the one located at the Agriturismo delle Pile, in the Val di Merse, in Tuscany. Its image is one of the most iconic of Italian popular culture, as a brand of one of the most loved and famous confectionery industries in the country. In September 1990 the Mulino Bianco confectionery brand started the advertising campaign dedicated to the Mulino family, signed by Armando Testa. The Mulino Bianco brand became a reality, identifying itself with the Chiusdino mill. "From 1990 to 1995 the mill, hired to fame as a testimonial of Mulino Bianco, had a short but intense period of notoriety and received numerous visitors from both Italy and abroad," reads the website of Il Mulino delle Pile which is the location of the spot, now transformed into a Bed and Breakfast.



Mulino Bianco best selling products

Among the most popular products of the white mill Mulino Bianco, at the top of the ranking we find “ Le Macine”, the pleasant shortbread cookies made with cream. With a delicate flavor and a scent reminiscent of milk, they are perfect for breakfast. In second place is the very lucky "Pan di Stelle", cocoa biscuits sprinkled with a delicious icing of sugar stars. From 1983 to today they are among those who have made the fortune of the confectionery line, so much so as to constitute a brand in itself. In fact, ice creams, cakes, bars and cereals inspired by them were marketed and a dedicated website was also created. Even the "Gocciole" appear among the most purchased products. In fact, many do not know that since 1993 Barilla has acquired Pavesi, also incorporating the confectionery production. The motto, which has now become famous, carries the famous phrase: "Change your day from this to this!" The hazelnut and gianduia variants are also from the same line, certainly appreciated, but less so than the traditional version. Next we have the delicious "Abbracci" (Hugs) born from the union between the dough of the "Macine" and that of the "Pan di Stelle," a fantastic combination of cream and cocoa shortcrust pastry that makes the day more joyful.

Let's go back in time and find Molinetti: these are among the first five biscuits made by Mulino Bianco together with Tarallucci, Pale, Abbracci and Galletti.
Made from wholemeal buckwheat flour, oatmeal flour and brown sugar, they have a rustic and crunchy flavor. Tarallucci also remain among the favorites. Among the historical products, made with fresh, light and tasty eggs, they carry the Mulino logo on one of the sides.
The "Galletti" close the ranking, with the delicate sugars that cover them, giving moments of sweetness to the lucky consumers. Discover our selection of Mulino Bianco cookies and sweet snacks and buy them directly on our website for a genuine Italian-style breakfast full of great taste. Delivery is fast, our packaging is superb, and we have unbeatable levels of customer satisfaction in the Italian food market in the US. Try us and order your favorite Mulino Bianco Cookies and sweet snacks now.

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