RECLA Italian Speck Alto Adige IGP Chub
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    RECLA Italian Speck Alto Adige IGP Chub - 2.3kg (5lb)

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      Speck is a type of bacon from the Southern regions of Italy. Made by Recla, a well respected producer since 1919, this meat is rubbed with a mix of rock salt, sea salt, pickling salt, pepper, juniper berries, various herbs, and a hint of allspice. The speck is cured and then lightly cold-smoked over beechwood chips, producing its signature flavor. 

      Unlike American bacon, this type of bacon does not require any additional cooking - simply bring it to room temperature and slice it. Serve it with or without its spicy crust.

      Disclaimer: please note that all items come pre-packaged from Italy. The weight may vary slightly on each piece.

      Brand: RECLA
      Net Weight: 680g (1.5lb)
      Origin: Product of Italy
      ATTENTION: We recommend selecting UPS Next Day Air® or USPS Priority Mail Express shipping for this product as it is considered a perishable food. While perishables are insulated, shipping perishable items by ground to warm-weather locations will be at your own risk.


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