RUMMO Bucatini - 454g (1lb)


RUMMO Spaghetti - 454g (1lb)


RUMMO Rigatoni - 454g (1lb)


RUMMO Penne Rigate - 454g (1lb)


RUMMO Orecchiette - 454g (1lb)


RUMMO Fusilli - 454g (1lb)


RUMMO Linguine - 454g (1lb)


RUMMO Farfalle - 454g (1lb)


RUMMO Mezzi Rigatoni - 454g (1lb)


RUMMO Semi di Orzo Pasta - 454g (1lb)


RUMMO Tubetti Rigati Pasta - 454g (1lb)


RUMMO Gluten Free Penne - 340g (12oz)


RUMMO Angel Hair Pasta - 454g (1lb)


RUMMO Riccioli Pasta - 454g (1lb)


RUMMO Egg Nest Pappardelle - 250g (8.8oz)


RUMMO Lasagna Pasta - 454g (1lb)


Buy Rummo Imported Italian Pasta on Pinocchio's Pantry

Rummo is one of the best-selling pasta brands in our online shop. We have decided to include Rummo in our product range both for the very long tradition of this family of pasta makers and also for the land from which it originates. We like to think that this pasta has a name and surname: Pasta Rummo a Lenta Lavorazione (slow process).

What distinguishes Rummo pasta from other dry pasta?
The name Rummo, of course, indicates the family from which everything was born: the Rummo, pasta masters since 1846. The specific slow processing, with a registered trademark, on the other hand, indicates the method underlying excellence from the Italian region of Campania prepared with only water and durum wheat semolina: the secret of this pasta is the slow processing, the right time needed to do things well.

Lenta Lavorazione® is an artisanal production method, which starts from a careful search for ingredients, and continues with equally careful processing in all phases of the production.
Another significant feature of the Rummo brand is that the management has decided to make their pasta using only Italian wheat with a high protein content and grown without the use of pesticides.

The products we choose for our customers here at Pinocchio's Pantry always have added values.
In this case, to testify the quality of Rummo products, there's the certification of “cooking resistance”: each Rummo pasta shape is checked and subjected to laboratory and tasting tests by two chefs. Each Rummo pasta shape guarantees the same cooking resistance over time.

In addition to the classic pasta shapes of Italian cuisine, made with care and precision, in our online store you can also find the Rummo organic line made with chickpeas or red lentils and the gluten-free pasta made with corn and brown rice, mixed with the Method of Steam Processing for a soft and balanced dough with a perfect consistency.

Rummo slow processing classic pasta.
These are the classic rummo pasta shapes of Italian cuisine that you can find in our shop:

Rigatoni pasta was born in Rome and belongs to an all-Italian tradition. They are ideal for carbonara, with the classic meat sauce and also perfect for oven preparations, such as timbales of eggplant.
Cooking time 14 minutes

Bucatini are famous all over the world for Amatriciana, the typical recipe born in the town of Amatrice in central Italy. Bucatini pasta is a typical format of the Italian region of Lazio. Excellent to prepare also for cacio e pepe, with cheese and pepper or with sauces of eggplant and zucchini.
Cooking time is 6 minutes

This spaghetti goes particularly well with clams, with tomato sauce or only with garlic, oil and chili to make the famous recipe “aglio e olio.” Spaghetti always represents the great classic of Italian cuisine.
Cooking time 9 minutes

Penne Rigate are one of the formats more widespread and versatile in Italian gastronomy. They match the perfection with any type of sauce.
Cooking time 11 minutes

Orecchiette are the most typical format of the Apulian regional cuisine. The most famous recipe is with turnip greens, but thanks to their concave shape they are also very good with more delicate fish-based seasonings.
Cooking time 12 minutes

FUSILLI | No. 48
Fusilli are a typical format of Southern Italy, where they are known in every region with a different name and shape, according to local gastronomic traditions.
Cooking time 8 minutes

Linguine (or Trenette) are born in Liguria, where they have always been linked to Genoese pesto. Also delicious with fish-based dressings, like mussels, lobster or cuttlefish ink.
Cooking time 10 minutes

The Farfalle, obtained by pinching a small rectangle of pasta, are particularly tasty shape, perfect if enjoyed together with the most creative and light sauces.
Cooking time 12 minutes

Excellent for the preparation of baby food and soups, “semi di orzo” (barley seeds) are the best shape to introduce kids to the delicious world of pasta. This kind of pasta is ideal with meat or vegetable broth, but also for thick and velvety soups.
Cooking time 7 minutes

Capellini (angel hair) are a delicate format, the preparation of which requires care and attention. Ideal not only with tomato fresh sauces, but also in broth or simply with butter and sage.
Cooking time 4 minutes

Soft and appetizing gnocchi, or potato dumplings, have the delicate flavor of fresh 100% Italian potatoes and an accentuated lining to capture and enhance the toppings.
Cooking time 2 minutes


Rummo Gluten free pasta
Rummo gluten-free pasta is made with a mixture of corn and brown rice, mixed with the Method
of Steam Processing to create a soft and balanced dough, with a perfect consistency.

Rummo gluten-free spaghetti are amazing with any seasoning, just like the traditional ones: clams, tomato and basil, oil, garlic and chili, just to name a few.
Cooking time 10 minutes

Rummo gluten free Penne brings all the taste of one of the most popular pasta shapes, perfect for any topping.
Cooking time 12 minutes

Rummo Organic Pasta made with Legumes
Naturally gluten-free legume pasta is a source of vegetable protein and represents a complete and balanced food.

Thanks to their helical shape, Rummo Rotini with Lentils are the ideal partner for vegetable-based dressings. Made with red lentils and brown rice, they are healthy and delicious at the same time.
Cooking time 9 minutes

Penne rigate, made with chickpeas from Tuscany and brown rice, are naturally gluten free and a great source of vegetable protein. Like the traditional ones, they are perfect with light vegetable-based sauces.
Cooking time 8 minutes

Buy the best shapes of Pasta Rummo now on Pinocchio's Pantry: imported directly from Italy and processed according to the original tradition with a slow process, since 1846.

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